The Countdown Begins

Belley is back in work! The countdown to our first event (probably Sydney CNC) has begun.

Though the first challenge of the year was catching the little hippo. She decided she was enjoying her holidays and wasn’t quite ready to come back to reality. However with a sneaky trick on my behalf (a bucket of feed) I managed to catch her in under 10 minutes, almost a record after she has had break. After that she was beautifully behaved and after a stroll on the walker and a little ride she was happy to return to her paddock for some more well deserved rest (her opinion).

Giselle and Mendy were not so lucky, they both get put straight back into work after their short break. Both were surprisingly well behaved after 5 days off! Mendy and I are slowly getting the knack of these Advanced tests, though I was going to be trotting down the center line next weekend if someone hadn’t pointed out that I should be cantering (oops!). I should probably be reading my tests a little better.
In other news I now have another horse to play with. Tawny Morning, my new steed is by the one and only Totilas! How many people get to ride a Totilas youngster? How amazing would it be if she has even half the talent of her father! Anyway the only downside is that she is currently unbroken… So my new learning experience will be to break her in Ryans style, which from what I have seen is slowly with the minimum amount of conflict and everyone ends up happy. I’m hoping she will be a breeze… what do they say hope for the best expect the worst?

Well stay tuned I will try and post updates about how she is going and hopefully she will go from an ugly duckling (a little harsh) to a beautiful swan.

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  1. Fantastic Catie. Tawny is beautiful! Great to see you doing so much and having a real crack with the horses. Good luck for your next events

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