Tamworth and Family!

So a few weeks ago we went back to Tamworth this time for the CIC event. I had mum over for the week leading up to the event which was fun. Having mum over was almost as good as going home!

Mum got to watch me training Giselle and see our initial attempts at flying changes. They are definitely a work in progress but hopefully we can try them out in a Medium dressage test later this year (all going to plan). I think Mum worked out what a flying change was by the end of Heath’s explanation 🙂

On Friday morning Sappho, Hazel, Mum and I piled into the Red truck thats about 50 years old and goes extremely slowly with 5 horses for the weekend. The other 6 horses were due to make the trip up on Saturday morning instead but the CIC classes were dressaging on the Friday. It proved to be not such fun as Tamworth and I guess the rest of NSW as well was just receiving the not so pleasant weather that WA had just been experiencing which resulted in massive winds!

Giselle wasn’t much a fan of the winds and we were thankful we got to dressage in the relatively still indoor, though the warm-up was not sheltered at all! An arena familiarization and some riding in the wind soon calmed her down and she settled well to produce one of our best tests yet for a score of 68.75% (46.9). Pity mum’s camera work was interrupted by storage issues or I would post some of my test…

It was a good enough test to leave me smiling!

It was a nervous walk around the XC course as the last attempt was not so great but Giselle had been training well in the lead up so our confidence was up and I was sort of feeling ready to tackle the large 2* track. But first we had to show jump.

The show jumping was again indoors and the size of the jumps seemed large! But never the less Giselle and I fronted up. Well Giselle did. My brain must have taken leave because I certainly didn’t give her the professional ride that I was hoping to and that would take me closer to a 3* start. Luckily Giselle was full of confidence and was ready to pull me out of trouble so we made it around with a few close calls but only with 2 rails down which I consider a success. It definitely made it a nervous sleep thinking about XC the next day.

My plans were set and I had been training well for it so out the start box Giselle and I went ready to take on the course. As we nailed the 1st jump pretty much perfectly and then the 2nd and then the 3rd our confidence sky rocketed and I new we were in for a fantastic round! All in all it was great. We came up to the big ditch palisade that caused our undoing last time on the course and got a great distance and sailed over it with ease. It really was a fun round!


By the end of the competition with a couple of rails and a little bit of time Giselle and I came out 4th in a pretty competitive 2* field. We are definitely eyeing off the 3* fences for our debut probably at the start of next year!

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