You couldn’t ask for a more Australian event than Quirindi! Set in a small country town in the middle of the local racetrack with beautiful country surrounds. It’s deifintey one of my favourite events.

This time up to Quirindi did not disappoint. The grounds were as good as we had ever seen them, the weather while a little warm was still pretty much perfect and everyone had smiles on their faces.

I had my three horses there again with Jack stepping up to the 80 and the other two just going for a good run. I was in for a busy weekend with lots of running around and being organised to try and make my times work.

Jack was first on in the Dressage and did a pretty respectable test considering the 80 had the challenge of Medium trots thrown in to test us! A second place after Dressage to leave us just inches behind Hazel and her young horse Annabelle set us up pretty well for the rest of the weekend. Heidi came next and after an unexpected delay or our arena ended up with our test being half an hour later than planned we had a little bit of a flat test, but it definitely helps to have a nice Dressage horse as we still managed to pull third position with Heath in front of us by a whisker. Giselle after a lighter weeks preparation than normal proved to be feeling fit and fresh and made a few tense mistakes however we are certainly more solid in the Dressage than ever before and had a very competitive score to take us into the jumping.

Heidi show jumped like a champion and pulled a clear round which helped us move into 2nd, still breathing down Heaths kneck. Giselle made a huge improvement on the last event leaving all but two of the rails up, the freshness of a light weeks work coming into our advantage. Jack was out on the cross country course and was feeling much more confident this time, getting the idea of what he is meant to be doing out there, he managed to come in with no penalties and a massive confidence boost.

An early night that night and then up early walking cross country courses. Heidi was first out for the day with a great run around the cross country coming in under time! We are definitely working out each other and how to get the best result. Giselle breezed around the 2* cross country feeling super confident and comfortable. It was so good to have a solid run under my belt. Jack show jumped and took an unlucky green rail, he is definitely feeling like he just needs more experience to work out what he is meant to be doing, it’s all a little bit different from chasing cows around.

Final results left Heidi in 2nd just behind Heath who got his first win on Bucky, Giselle had a great run to get a 7th and Jack with his one rail slipped from 2nd down to 7th in the competitive 80 class. It was a super weekend and big thanks go to the organisers and the volunteers who made it all happen.

Looks like I need to get better and taking photos too!


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