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About a month ago now I had both Mum and my sister Michelle come over here to NSW and caught up with them in Sydney! The trip over from WA wasn’t just to see me, but to attend a Modere conference to meet up with a whole heap of social marketers and Healthy Living enthusiasts/consultants. 

They then spent the whole day I had with them discussing the program and trying to convince me to not only try the Healthy Living Program but to also sign up as a Social Marketer (SM) to try and spread the word about the benefits of the program!

It was a fantastic day in Sydney with beautiful weather and they finally did manage to convince me to first have ago at Healthy Living and then once I had tried that to join up as a SM.

So here I am a month later having done a month of Healthy Living, which has involved cutting out pretty much all processed foods, carbs and sugars and replacing them with healthy vegetables, fruit, proteins and nutritional supplements. I am feeling great and have inadvertently (with no calorie counting) dropped a couple of kgs. The program has helped to stop me reaching for the unhealthy junk foods (biscuits, chips and nutella) and more importantly stopped my craving those foods!

My energy levels have increased and I am coping with Ryans life better than ever 🙂 Our occasional midnight finishes still knock me around but it takes much less time to get over them. For me the program is mainly about changing habits and feeling better. Everybody has a different WHY.

I am now ready to help convert others to the Healthy Living life. The program can be modified to fit your goals and personal needs as everyone is unique and some people don’t need extreme diets to lose a few kgs and feel better. Some people just want to change their eating habits and feel great!

I want to help you. If you are interested please get in touch (comment or email


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