And that’s a wrap!

2017 has definitely not been the year I had anticipated. Giselle has been pretty solid, but we have had our ups and downs and will the finish the year at 2* with plenty of work to do over summer so we can hopefully have a go at 3* not too far in the future. On a good note with her though we are getting more solid in the Dressage and are now competive from the start of the competition rather than having to make up ground the whole way through over the jumping phases. She certainly hasn’t had an attitude change and is still the less than impressed loveable horse.

We finish the year at the Sydney Eventing fundraiser in the CT2* and after a normal Dressage test (it wasn’t our best performance) we were in the lead. Unfortunately it all fell in hole though with showjumping with 6 rails coming down, if only we had jumped half an inch higher we would have gone clear. So back to the drawing board to get our show jumping up to scratch so when it really counts we can pull a clear round out of the bag.

Belle unfortunately has had a less than exciting year and is preparing to have a baby. With a few trips to the vets and many scans and x-rays it is unsure what is going on to cause her lameness so in her best interests she is going to have some time off to have a foal. Now hopefully she plays the game and goes in foal first time. She is certainly looking fat and happy and hopefully fertile.

Our Eventing foals are being born which it is exciting and so far the two on the ground are looking great. With one more Eventing foal to go and one Dressage foal we have our fingers crossed for two more healthy foals.

Little Dart By Desert Storm out of a thoroughbred mare (Commands a Fortune)
Sam my By Sandhills Sensation out of Thoroughbred mare (Capernaum)

There are big plans for 2018 and with a new sponsor in Willow Beast ( I am looking forward to getting out on xc in my new shirt!

So hopefully 2018 will see lots going on with some more horses out Eventing and some exciting youngsters on the ground.

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